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About Omsk Region

1. Information about Omsk region
• General information
• Geography
• Territory
• Political division
• Climate
• Natural Resources
• Authorities
2. Economy
• International relations
• Investment climate
3. Industries
• Industrial complex
• Oil Refining, Chemistry and Petrochemistry
• Manufacturing and Metal Processing
• Food Industry
• Agriculture
• Forestry
4. Omsk region activity for Small
and Medium business support


1. Information about Omsk region

Subject: Russia, Omsk Region
Administrative center: Omsk
(the area of the Omsk city is 567 sq. km)
Population: 2017,9 thousand people
Foundation date: 1716
Governor of the Omsk Region,
Chairman of the Government of the Omsk Region: Polezhaev Leonid Konstantinovich

The Omsk Region is located in the center of vast continent in the south of the West-Siberian plain. It has borders with Republic of Kazakhstan in the south, with Tyumen Region in the west and north, with Tomsk and Novosibirsk Regions in the east. Main rivers: Irtysh, Om, Ishym, Tara.
The distance from Omsk to Moscow is 2555 km. Time lag between Omsk and Moscow is 3 hours.

The Omsk Region occupies the area of 141,100 square kilometers (0,8%
of the whole territory of the Russian Federation). Cultivated land covers 48%, forests cover 33%, ploughed fields — 30%, other land — 18%, lakes and rivers — 1%.

Political division
The Omsk Region includes 6 towns and 32 districts.
Big cities: Omsk, Issilkul, Kalachinsk, Tara.

The climate in the Omsk Region is acutely continental. The winter is severe, long- term with stable snow-cover. The summer is warm, frequently hot. Sudden changes in temperature are typical for autumn and spring. The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is -19C, the average temperature of the warmest month (July) is +18C

Natural Resources
The Omsk Region has sufficient reserves of oil and gas, peat, ore sand of zirconium and titanium, building materials (brick earth and ceramsite sand), mineral waters, sapropel, therapeutic muds, etc.

The main natural resources of the region are soil resources contributing to development of large-scale grain farming and livestock breeding. The region belongs to subtaiga, forest-steppe and steppe temperate climatic zones. Among deciduous species birches and asps prevail, among coniferous species — scotch pines, firs, spruces and cedar.

In accordance with the Charter of Omsk Region, the Governor is the region's highest official, who heads the Administration on the basis of undivided authority. Any citizen of the Russian Federation who is at least 30 years old may be elected to this post. Citizens of the Russian Federation residing in Omsk Region elect the Governor for a five-year term by secret ballot on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage.

In accordance with the Charter (Fundamental Law) of Omsk Region, the Legislative Assembly headed by the Chairman is the region's highest and only standing legislative (representative) body. The Legislative Assembly consists of 30 deputies elected for a five-year term by citizens of the Russian Federation residing in Omsk Region on the basis of universal, equal, and direct suffrage by secret ballot.


2. Economy

International Relations
According to estimation of the Ministry of Economy of the Omsk Region foreign trade turnover of the region amounted 7779,6 million US$ in 2010. Foreign-trade operations were implemented with partners from 77 countries. Among the top countries-partners there are the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Kirgizia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Republic of Korea, Turkey and Thailand.

Structure of export and import in January-September 2010 (in percentage terms to total)

1. Foodstuff and agricultural raw materials (export 0,8% / import 22,6%)
2. Mineral products (export 90,3% / import 14,7%)
3. Chemical products, rubber (export 7,4% / import 11,6%)
4. Metals and products thereof (export 0,3.% / import 9,3%)
5. Machinery, equipment and vehicles (export 0,9% / import 38,9%)

Omsk region exports mainly fuel and energy products, chemical products and rubber.
Almost 40% of import into the Omsk region is machinery, equipment and vehicles. These supplies allow creating high-tech industries in the region, producing competitive, modern products with good prospects both in the domestic and international markets. About 20% of import consists of fruits and vegetables that are cannot be grown in the Omsk region due to climatic conditions. Also in the region supplied chemical products, mineral products (coal), metals and associated products thereof.

Investment Climate
During a number of years Omsk demonstrates good national measure that is an important factor influencing the investment attractiveness along with availability of necessary natural resources, advantageous location, developed infrastructure and clear normative and legal base.

Current tendencies in the development of the region and existence of rather high credit rating assigned by one of the best rating agencies Standard & Poor`s make potential partners see all the advantages of the region as future object for investment, that situation is proved by the increasing number of investors.
The volume of accumulated foreign capital at the end of December 2010 is about 1074.4 million U. S. dollars, it’s up to 24.5% more than at end of December 2009.

In 2010 the region received 544.0 million U. S. dollars of foreign investment from partners from 62 countries. The share of direct investment amounted to 18.4%, compared to 2004 it was 1.4%.

The main countries — investors are Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Switzerland.

Investments received in wholesale trade, including trade through agents — 181.6 million USD (33.4% of total revenues), food production — 168.3 million USD (30.9%), chemical production — U. S. $ 63.9 million (11.8%), transport and communications — 41.0 (7.5%), manufacture of rubber and plastic products — 20.3 million USD (3.7%).

3. Industries

Industrial Complex
Industrial complex is one of the most dynamic sectors in the local economy. It accounts about 25% of the regional capital assets and employs 20% of the working population. Manufacturing industry is the leading industrial sector in the region. Oil and gas industry is being developed. In 1998, the Tevriz gas condensate field was put in exploitation for production of natural gas. Since 2001 oil has been produced in the south-western part of the Krapivinsk oilfield.

Oil Refining, Chemistry and Petrochemistry
Enterprises of petrochemical complex take the leading place in the structure of local industrial production according to the volume of production. One third of regional capital assets is placed in this sector of economy. Production of petrochemical complex takes the first place in the regional export.

Manufacturing and Metal Processing
Industrial engineering organizations have significant scientific and production potential. The basic types of production are lounch vehicles, spacecrafts, planes, aircraft engines and their parts, cryogenic technology, radio centers and radio communication complexes, radio relay complexes, complexes and equipment for automation of processes, measuring equipment for energy systems, medical equipment, transport facilities, railway equipment, equipment for farming and residential use.

Food Industry
Food industry in the Omsk Region processes locally produced agricultural raw materials: meat (production of meat, sausages, tinned meat, semi-finished meat, edible rendered fat etc.), milk (production of dairy products, animal oil, ice-cream, fat cheese), grain (flour-and-cereals industry, macaroni products, baked goods). Mineral water, beer, liquor and soft drinks are also produced.

The Omsk Region is a highly-developed agricultural region with one of the largest agro-industrial complexes in the east of the country. The leading agricultural branches include plant-growing (main products are wheat, rye, barley, oats), dairy farming and meat processing, poultry breeding, pig breeding. The region is placed among the 10 top producers of grain, milk and meat in the Russian Federation.


Forestry potential of the Omsk Region represents the real basis for efficient development and functioning of enterprises in forest and timber industry. Tree felling in 2007 amounted 1,9 million cubic meter. The bank of wood in the forests of the Omsk Region is 590,5 million cubic meter.


4. Omsk Activity for Small and Medium Business Support


Today small business sector of the Omsk Region demonstrates increase of its role in the economical system of the region: it employs more than 16% of the working population; about 20% of GDP is produced by small enterprises.

Authorized representative from the Government of the Omsk Region in the sphere of business and innovations development is Ministry of Economy.

Activities of the Government of the Omsk Region for Small and Medium Business Support:

- Microfinancing;
- Insurance arrangements and guarantees for obtaining credit;
- Financial support in the form of grants;
- Foundation of consulting centers on the remote basis in metropolitan districts of the Omsk Region;
- Ensuring activity of the Enterprise Europe Network Russia, regional department in the Omsk Region (Module A);
- Issue of handbooks; conducting workshops, round tables, trainings and conferences;
- Organization and conducting of annual regional exhibition «Infrastructure for Small and Medium Business Support”; support for exhibition activity of small and medium-sized enterprises outside the Omsk Region;
- Awards of the Governor of the Omsk Region in the field of entrepreneurship and innovations development (conducting competitions)

Fact sheets of the Omsk region:
1. Wood Processing Industry of the Omsk region
2. Machinery industry in the Omsk region
3. Agricultural Sector in the Omsk region
4. Food industry of Omsk region
5. Building, construction materials in the Omsk region

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